Poly Bags – How to Choose the Right Gauge


poly bags

So you want to buy poly bags? Sounds simple enough, right? Not really.

You’ve got your 1 MIL, 2 MIL, 3 MIL, 4 MIL, 5 MIL, and 6 MIL gauge bags. Each capable of holding a set amount of weight. If you don’t choose the right gauge poly bags, you could end up wasting money on a more expensive, thicker bag when all you really needed was a less expensive, thinner bag.

Continue reading to determine which gauge bag will work best for your products.

The Billion Dollar Poly Bag Question

The single most important question you must ask yourself before starting your search is: What is this poly bag going to be used for?

Groceries? Hardware? Parts? Bin liners? Industrial products? The bag you need will depend on what you need the bag for. Heavier products will require thicker gauges, whereas, lighter items can be placed into thin or medium thick bags.

Congrats! You’ve decided what you’re going to use your bag for. Now, you’ll need to consider how much protection you’ll need. Will you need the bag to resist being punctured or torn? Or would you like the bag to stretch? This question is just as important as determining what the bags will be used for.

Thickness of Poly Bags

Poly bags are measured in MIL, which is one thousandth of an inch (.001). Most bags range between 1 and 6 MIL. You can find this measurement on the product box or if purchasing online, on the distributor’s website.

1 MIL – These bags are used for protecting lightweight items. They are best used for light retail items, trade shows, dust protection, and bakery items.

2 MIL – These bags are used for protecting light to medium weight products. They are best used for produce, clothing, bin liners, and shipping.

3 MIL – These heavier bags help to protect medium weight items. They are best used for hardware, parts, stones, soil, and liquids.

4 MIL – These bags are used for protecting heavier weight, bulkier items. They are best used for bolts, screws, and industrial items.

5 MIL – These bags are used for products requiring extra protection. They are best used for sharp-edged objects and industrial items.

6 MIL – These bags are highly resistant to puncture. They are best used for items requiring the strongest protection.

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