Choosing the Right Disposable Carryout Containers

disposable carryout containers

The average American eats out between four and five times a week. Unsurprisingly, a large number of restaurants, grocery stores, and other food service establishments are all capitalizing on the benefits and possibilities afforded to them by simply supplying their guests with convenient, disposable carryout containers.

When determining the type of disposable carryout containers to purchase for your establishment, details such as material composition, size and design should all be considered. Disposable carryout containers should be durable to prevent leaking and resist breaking. Containers that allow for reheating are another big plus.

Here’s what you should look for when ordering disposable carryout containers.

Choose the Right Material Composition

At Uniko Food Services, Inc., we offer a number of high-quality disposable carryout containers that restaurants, grocery stores, and other food service establishments can supply their guests with. Polypropylene bags, “Thank You” bags, aluminum, Styrofoam, cardboard, and plastic are some of the most common carryout containers used.

Find an Appropriate Size and Design

When ordering carryout containers for your food service establishment, it pays to be attentive to the size and design, in order to find a design that is appropriate for the food going out. Ordering too big of containers may result in a loss, whereas, ordering containers deemed too small may be inappropriate for your establishment. Choose a size and design that matches your menu items. Place liquids in cylindrical containers.

Don’t Forget the Lids

Before proceeding to “checkout,” you’ll want to determine whether lids are included or not. With hinged or clamshell type containers, the lid is attached directly to the container, so no need to worry about lids. The lids for plastic and aluminum containers, however, are often sold separately. Ensuring proper fit equates to the freshest carryout and returning guests.

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